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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More on the event

It has been raining for two days. How i wish i could stay at home and sleep.

This morning, everyone in the office was talking about the event, and most comments were about how chaotic it was. From their conversation, i gathered that the logistics part of the event was not well-structured. Sales were lost due to the long queue at the cashiers, and merchandises were lost due to theft. It seems like this was something rather common in such sales event.

While i was at the retail floor that day, i got the chance to see our current retail system in action. First of all, there was no bar-coding of items. Each item gotta be tagged with a code for the cashier to enter manually into the system (uh huh, no bar code scanning). As some items were presented at the cashier counter without tags, the cashiers couldn't process the sales and the customers were so angry that they just walked away without buying anything.

The system was also slow in processing and printing receipts. Some of the promotional prices weren't updated in the system too. It retrieved the normal prices without promotion and again resulted in disgruntled customers. I think now i know why the company wants to implement a new system, but i wonder if the new system is indeed capable of addressing all these problems.

The colleagues from my department all looked exhausted. They were at the store for two full days and still gotta return to work today. My arms, shoulders and legs were still aching even now from just one day of work, i could imagine how tired they must be.

There was an interesting incident on that day while i was working at the cashier counter. I'm not sure if interesting is the right word to describe what happened; i think exasperating is more like it.

There was this family of four that was queueing at the cashier. When the father was paying for the items at the counter, one of his kids was running about behind him. Then that kid knocked her head against a table that we placed there for the patrons to fill in the lucky draw forms. What followed was a classic example of why our world is so full of spoilt brats nowadays.

After knocking her head, the spoilt brat of course cried at the top of her voice, and the mother started to make a scene. While trying to calm that horrible little screaming monster, the mother complained that we shouldn't place a table there because it would cause accidents to children. (Well, it had been there for the whole day and nothing had happened until her precious decided to run around it. And it's a cashier counter, not a playground for crying out loud!) She continue to ramble on about how we had caused this accident and her kid might be injured with blood clot or concussion (ya, i wish!).

She just went on and on and on and on, and didn't wanna leave even though the father had already finished paying for the items. My boss happened to be there and immediately asked the staff to move the table away. To pacify those two f*cking kids-pampering parents, my boss told them to bring that spoilt brat to the hospital for a check-up, and he even signed on a piece of paper stating that the company would bear all medical cost if so incurred. It was then they were finally satisfied and left.

Seriously, i was trying hard not to show my disgusted look, and trying even harder to constraint myself from slapping that spoilt brat, or rather, slapping that two f*cking parents. I have these to say to them:

C'mon, if you don't know how to teach your kids manners, then just keep them at home. The world is so full of hazards that are even dangerous to adults, so there's no way that you could clear all dangers when you bring them out. Don't blame on others when it's your own kids who don't know how to behave in public, and it's your own fault for not knowing how to bring up your kids properly. Go ahead and spoilt them all you want, but don't expect others to pamper them too. Oh, and by the way, they aren't even as cute as you think they are.

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