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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stayed at home today

I was having menstrual cramp today and didn't go to work. It's only the second month on my new job and i already called in sick. As i'm still under probation, i wouldn't be entitled to any annual leave. I'll talk to my director tomorrow and see if he has the authority to grant advance leave for probational staff.

Staying at home today gave me the chance to see what mom is doing at home everyday. Mom has quit her job and hasn't been working since the end of last month when she fell sick. I told her that i would take over the utility bills and some household expenses from next month onwards, so the monthly allowance i give her should be enough for her own spending. She's getting on in age and shouldn't be working for money anymore. If she wanna work as a way to spent her time, i'm fine with it but it should be something that's not too exhausting.

Anyway, i saw that mom seems to be enjoying her time at home. She cleaned up the house in the morning, and then sang Chinese opera on karaoke in the afternoon. Of course, she took some time watching tv and sleeping too. I jokingly told 贝 that how envious i was of such life. We wouldn't be so fortunate to have such old age because we won't have any children to take care of us. (Well, even if we do have kids, there's no guarantee that they would take care of their old parents either.) 贝 said that's why we should plan for our future now to ensure that we will still be financially independent when we are old and childless.

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