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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Visit to the new work place

I was working just now on something that's needed first thing in the morning for the user testing tomorrow. It kinda slipped my mind and it was already 6pm when i realized that i had missed this part. Fortunately i managed to complete it at home.

I enjoyed the visit to the new work place yesterday. We had a tour of our office as well as the retail floor. I liked the new office even though i didn't know where exactly my seat will be and am praying hard that it's not gonna be worse than where i'm sitting now. Our department will be at a corner near the backdoor exit, which means that we can just make ourselves disappear without passing through other departments and being held up by any users on our way out.

The management has decided to adopt the open office concept in the new work place. So all the partitions for each cubicle are really low and everyone can see everyone else even when sitting down. The management, including all the big shots, will be sitting in cubicles too even though their partitions are taller and can hide them from view. Yet, none of them, not even the CEO, has a room anymore. The office space is so open that i suspect emitting a silent but deadly fart will probably make the whole office smells.

Since it's a new office and all our writing tables are white, the company is gonna implement lots of rules. The main one is disallowing the staff eating at our seats. There will be a fine of SGD50 for anyone who breaks the rule. I wonder if snacking will be considered as breaking the rule. It's kinda silly to have the staff going to the pantry for just eating a piece of biscuit.

Anyway, my only concern now is only the distance. Yes, it's really far. But then, our department will be the last to move. So i won't have to worry about it until one month later.


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